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Personal Coaching

We Offer personalized training sessions tailored to the individual needs and goals of the player. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced player aiming to refine specific skills, private coaching can provide focused attention and customized training plans to help you improve your game. Here’s a breakdown of what private cricket coaching typically involves:

1) Individual Attention

Private coaching allows for oneon- one attention from a qualified coach, ensuring that every aspect of your game receives personalized feedback and improvement strategies.

2) Skill Development

Coaches work with players to identify strengths and weaknesses, focusing on improving technical skills such as batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping. They tailor drills and exercises to target areas that need improvement.

3) Technique Refinement

Technique Refinement: Coaches provide detailed analysis of your batting, bowling, or fielding techniques, offerincorrections and adjustments to enhance performance & efficiency.

4) Fitness Training

Fitness Training: Depending on the player’s needs and goals, private coaching may include fitness training to enhance strength, agility, speed, and endurance, which are crucial for peak performance on the cricket field.

5) Video Analysis

Video Analysis: We use video analysis to record and review player performances, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement and tracking progress over time.

6) Goal Setting

Coaches work with players to set realistic and achievable goals, whether it’s making technical improvements, achieving specific performance targets, or advancing to higher levels.

7) Specialized Coaching

 Particular aspects of the game, such as spin bowling, fast bowling, or batting against
pace or spin.

8) Fitness Training

Our Private Cricket Coaching Program provides a personalized and focused approach to skill development, helping players reach their full potential and achieve their cricketing goals. Whether you’re a budding cricketer or an experienced player, private coaching can be invaluable in taking your game to the next level.

For Batters:-

  • Batting Session on Turf wicket with Quality Bowlers
  • Batting Session with Side Arm Batting Session with Bowling Machine
  • Knocking Session for Technique Correction
  • Video Analysis by renowned Coaches
  • Fitness, strength, mobility and endurance training
  • Catching and Fielding Sessions
  • Weekly YOYO test

For Bowlers:-

  • Separate Coach for Spin and Pace Bowlers Single Wicket Bowling Sessions
  • Video Analysis for Technique Correction by renowned Coaches
  • Fitness, strength, mobility and endurance training
  • Catching and Fielding Sessions
  • Weekly YOYO test

*Special Sessions for Wicketkeeper